The Importance of Size and Dimensions for Boardroom Tables

KZ Bespoke has been around for years and we have made our mark in the industry with our years of experience and a broad clientele. We manufacture top-notch, high-end meeting tables for big companies. We have worked with several big companies and the main issue that we see many of our clients come across is the size and dimensions of the table. Many people when ordering boardroom tables don’t understand the importance of the size and dimensions of the meeting tables and how they can have an impact on the ambience of the meeting room. In this article, we will tell you about the significance of the size of boardroom tables and how KZ Bespoke manufacturers the best-sized tables.

The table according to the capacity

While designing the boardroom tables, the most important thing we keep in mind is the room’s capacity to fit people in. So, while manufacturing and taking in the measurements, we sit with our clients and ask them how many people will they have in their boardroom at a time. Moreover, the aggregate number of people per table is also important while designing the table with the intention that the room doesn’t look crowded and neither is the table too small to fit the required number of people.

Room Dimension and Table

Another important factor that we, at KZ Bespoke, pay attention to is the dimension of the meeting room. We don’t want the table to crowd the room and give it a congested look. We take an assessment of the room and design the table in a way that it will fit into the room perfectly while also leaving walking space for people and enough space for chairs to be moved around by the staff. We also leave ample space for wheelchair users to move around the boardroom while not compromising on the size of the table in such a manner that it can cater to the needs of the people.

The chair spacing

Chairs are also significant in the design and size of the boardroom table. We have to take into account the number of chairs that will be in the room and how much space should be among the chairs while manufacturing. Another important factor is leaving sufficient space beneath the table for the chairs to be pushed under. We have a guide through which we ascertain how much room should be left between each chair and how it will affect the size of the table.

The shape of the table

The size and dimension of your room along with the number of people you want to accommodate in your meeting room govern the shape of the table. Different dimensions of rooms call for different table shapes. For example, a boat-shaped table might not be suitable for a certain room but a rectangular shape may go well with the dimension and the look of that room. So, while manufacturing the table, we keep that factor in mind so that the table makes your boardroom look better and more pleasant.

The set-up of the table

Another great thing about KZ Bespoke tables is that our tables come with a great number of amazing installations to assist you during your meetings. Our tables are tech-smart and include power boxes, mics, media systems, cable management, etc to prove beneficial for the users. As our tables are customized, the placement of the installation differs from table to table depending upon the use of those items by the clients and also the shape of the table. We take into consideration the use and shape of power sockets, different media systems and their designs so that our clients have everything in one place without having to worry about these built-in mechanisms.

These are some of the significant factors that play an important role at KZ Bespoke while manufacturing the perfect boardroom table for meetings.

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